for nostalgia's sake
❝ Rin translated that dinner like he was crunchyroll ❞


echocave, on Haru’s “meet the parents” dinner with Rin, Russel, and Lori

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Please treasure every time a cat headbutts you.

Also I’m sorry I really didn’t do either of your prompts but I couldn’t really see either of them kissing the other’s forehead or find a good way to draw arakita headbutting kinjou on the chin (since they are tecnically the same height???) so I kinda mixed the two

either way I have also another version of this (more ship oriented I guess?) I’ll post it once I get around to finish it

the kissing challenge


stares into the camera like on the office


Russell and Lori for best parents ever.


ONE EPISODE LEFT somebody wipe my tears