for nostalgia's sake

So today, after going to the doctor’s and getting my finger cut open so they could cleanse the infection-I was planning on going to a friend’s house by bus (and well, I still ended up going because he picked me up after a few hours)- but my trip was stalled when a car (that was apparently parked by the sidewalk in an open area where many people walk around in since its beside the parking lot and the only way to get out into the main street)…well, it didn’t hit me per se, but it certainly made contact and caused me to fall on the pavement while I was wearing shorts. I had stopped for a few seconds- and again, people are usually lax around this area- to check my phone when the car hit me from behind.

I have really good instincts so I managed to shove myself into my hands and knees to avoid heavy damage but I still started bleeding. The guy got yelled at by the witnesses but when they turned their attention towards me (because I was going into slight shock), he bolted. But he actually parked the car in another spot by the building since he worked there so we figured out who he was).

So now, I have gauze bandages on my finger and both my knees since they got skinned really badly. I also skinned my hand a bit and have a bruise or two on my legs.

Strangely enough, the guy bought that car from a guy who is friends with my mom who got it from my mom- ie, I was ‘hit’ by was my old car!

Another small coincidence- there were three people who saw the accident. A woman walking her dog and two ladies getting into a car. All three of them worked in medical care. Thankfully for me.

  1. luchtherder said: yikes. i hope the pain goes away soon!
  2. miadearden said: Oh god Luisa - I just want to pick you up and keep you safe in my bed cuddled among all my pillows and blankets so nothing cant hurt you anymore
  3. silvanoir said: ouch geez! time to take a stay-home vacation and sit on the couch for a while
  4. rebellatrix said: Oh Luisa, I’m so sorry this happened to you, darling. The coincidence & irony involved is absolutely crazy, but I just hope you recover peacefully & quickly. Being scraped up (on top of the infection) is the absolute worst. My love? It’s all yours.
  5. theandysar said: OH MY GOD HONEY YOU HAVE YOUR OWN -“I SURVIVED STORY” I hope you are ok <3
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